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he beauty of these lands, make the Langhe known practically all over the world. The picturesque landscapes, the beautiful villages that are part of it and the culinary specialties, attract thousands of tourists and motorcyclists every year !. The tour we have chosen to offer you is designed specifically for those who love riding a motorbike. We start from Millesimo and arrive immediately in Piedmont at the Montezemolo crossroads, where motorcyclists from Liguria go to Piedmont and vice versa, meet and crowd the bar and adjacent areas with dozens and dozens of motorcycles. adjacent. We continue along the high Langhe road, passing through Murazzano, Bossolasco and Rodello, enjoying the path and the wonderful landscape. The territory is hilly, planted with vines or hazelnuts, the colors change depending on the season and the view of the entire Alpine arc, with the Monviso rising high all the way, is very suggestive. The design of this road, characterized by mixed traits of fast and guided, it makes it very fun to ride both by motorcycle and by car. Once you come down to Ricca, it’s worth taking a little detour from the path to visit Alba. Alba is a very beautiful and well-organized city, with a large historic center that deserves to be seen. Even if you were in the area at lunch time, Alba offers many possibilities to eat well, with a typical high quality cuisine. If we have diverted to Alba we go back to Ricca. From here we head towards Cortemilia, crossing the hills and the villages that overlook it, and even here the road continues to be very pleasant driving a motorcycle. From Cortemilia to Piana Crixia we choose to travel the SP52 instead of the smoother SP429. We go up, up a usually low-traffic road, up to Todocco. This line also seems to have been designed specifically for riding a motorcycle. Go past Pana Crixia and Dego, go up towards Pontinvrea and then go down, pass Stella and reach the sea at Albissola Marina. Once we reach the Via Aurelia we head towards the west. This stretch of road up to Savona is busier but is only a few kilometers long. Probably arrived here we will want an ice cream or a cool drink, and in the city center we will find what we want. To return to Millesimo from Savona, we choose to go to Santuario and go up to Montenotte Superiore. From here we enter the Adelasia Nature Reserve. Through the greenery of the park, the road descends to Ferrania, in a succession of very funny curves and ups and downs in a context of uncontaminated nature. The tour is almost finished, after traveling about 200km through wonderful landscapes of all kinds, from the hills and the magnificent colors of the Langhe, to the Adelasia Nature Reserve, passing also through the Ligurian Riviera. We pass Carcare and Cosseria and return to Millesimo.


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