( 295 KM)




Villanova di Mondovì

Chiusa Pesio


Borgo San dalmazzo



Col di tenda




Pieve di teco







This route commits the whole day, during which we will go from the high alpine passes to the sea, to then return to above 1000 meters of altitude. We will complete a large ring that will cross over into France, on one of the many Alpine passes, then go down to the sea of ​​the Ligurian Riviera and go back up in the green woods of the hinterland. As usual, we choose not to take motorways, so as not to take away the taste of the curves, then from Millesimo we descend into Piedmont and continue to Vicoforte where we will turn for the village of Vasco. From here we continue to Borgo San Dalmazzo, passing through Villanova di Mondovì, Chiusa di Pesio, Peveragno and Boves. The road up to here is not exciting, there is no excessive traffic, but the curves are scarce … But from here on out the music changes! We begin to climb this wide road surrounded by mountains. We pass Vernante, “The city of Pinocchio”, as you can see from the beautiful drawings on the walls of the buildings, which depict scenes from the Collodi fable. We continue to climb towards Limone, a meeting place for skiers in winter, and for hikers in summer, thanks to the multitude of possibilities that it proposes, and then up the hairpin bends up to the Colle di Tenda (1762 m asl). After the stop and the ritual photos it descends steeply until it reaches Ventimiglia. This stretch of road, sometimes carved into the rock, is a real pleasure to go with your bike. The sound of the discharges echoes on the surrounding rock walls and it is really nice to drive in this valley. Once you reach Ventimiglia, the landscape changes radically, from the alpine rocks to the blue sea of ​​the Ligurian Riviera. Along the Via Aurelia, we walk along the Riviera westward East , and the cities we leave behind deserve to be visited all: Sanremo, Bussana, Santo Stefano al Mare up to Imperia. From here, go back up along the SS28 of Colle di Nava. This, according to many motorcyclists, is one of the most beautiful roads that connect Liguria to Piedmont. The landscape is characterized by terraces planted with olive trees that cover a large area. It is no coincidence that one of the most popular olive oils in Italy is produced in the Imperia area. Pass through Pieve di teco and continue to climb up to the Nava hill. From Nava we follow the Tanaro river passing Ormea up to Garessio. Not yet saturated with curves for our wheels, we decide to leave the upper Val Tanaro and move to Val Bormida and reach Calizzano going past the Quazzo hill (1090mslm), also a very pleasant stretch of road, with beautiful curves and surrounded by greenery. From Calizzano we follow the road that runs along the Bormida until we reach Millesimo again.





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